Year: 1999
USA: Castle Hill Productions
Cast: Amanda Peet, Cara Buono, Ron Livingston, Bray Poor, Linda Larkin, Jill Hennessy
Director: Neil Turitz
Country: USA
USA: 88 mins
USA Rated: R for language
USA Release Date: 26 January 2001 (Limited Release)


Written and directed by Neil Turitz, TWO NINAS follows a struggling writer Marty Sachs (Ron Livingston) who is not only dissatisfied with his career but is also unlucky in love. That is until he meets two gorgeous women both called Nina. Marty can't believe it when Nina Cohen (Cara Buono) and Nina Harris (Amanda Peet) are both attracted to him and want to be with him. However, Marty realizes that being this lucky, can mean being too lucky!