Year: 2005
USA: Strand Releasing
Cast: Ana Cristina de Oliveira, Nuno Gil, JoAo Carreira, Teresa Madruga, Carloto Cotta
Director: JoAo Pedro Rodrigues
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese (English subtitles)
USA: 101 mins
USA Release Date: 23 June 2006 (Limited Release - New York)
US Distributor


Two lonely people careen through life following their individual experiences of loss: Rui (Nuno Gil), a handsome young romantic, loses his lover Pedro (JoAo Carreira) on the day of their anniversary; Odete (Ana Cristina de Oliveira), as fetching as she is unstable, is abruptly dumped by her boyfriend when she broaches the subject of starting a family.

Their worlds collide when Odete becomes obsessed with Pedro, a man she never knew. Rui is quick to see through Odete's fictive life with Pedro but Pedro's family is swayed. As Rui trudges through his pain towards acceptance, Odete begins to loosen her hold on reality. The unexpected ending takes Rui and Odete to their most extreme, realizing both their desires in a single act.