Year: 2010
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast (voices of): Dominic Cooper, Gemma Arterton, John Hurt, Kayvan Novak, Robert Sheehan, Christine Bleakley
Director: Ben Stassen
Country: Belgium
UK: 85 mins
UK Certificate: U contains mild threat
UK Release Date: 25 March 2011 (Limited Release)


"He's turtly amazing."

A spectacular 3D animation following the wonderful adventures of Sammy the sea turtle (Dominic Cooper - MAMMA MIA) as he searches the ocean for his one true love. Sammy scrambles to the sea shortly after hatching on a beach in California and quickly finds and loses the love of his life, the beautiful Shelly (Gemma Arterton - TAMARA DREWE).

During the epic journey which all turtles accomplish before returning to the beach where they were born, Sammy dodges every possible danger; he battles with piranhas, escapes a fish eagle and searches for a mysterious secret passage, in the hope of meeting Shelly again.