Year: 2008
UK DVD: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: Wilson Bethel, Adrian Collins, Scott Cooper, Mitch Eakins
Director: Uwe Boll
Country: Canada, Germany
UK: 92 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence
UK DVD Release Date: 5 January 2009

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Vietnam, 1968: Desperate to deal with the Vietcong's resistance in endless networks of tunnels, the United States creates a specialised unit trained in underground warfare. Armed with only handguns, flash lights and knives, this elite band of men are known as 'Tunnel Rats'.

Following an ambush on his platoon, Sergeant Vic Hallowborn sends his men underground to flush out the enemy. But as they blindly crawl through these darkened passageways littered with spike pits, drowning pools and homemade mines they soon realise that their mission is near impossible. The Vietnamese that inhabit these tunnels are faced with an equally grim existence, forced underground with their wives and children by the relentless bombing, they must resort to living a subterranean life lying in wait of the next attack.

When driven to go head-to-head in this underground the question is no longer who is right and who is wrong... But who will survive?


Interview with director Uwe Boll
Deleted scenes
Behind The Scenes