Year: 2006
UK: Cinefile
Cast: Peter Mullan, Martin Compston, Gary Lewis, Steven Robertson, Angel Li, Hark Bohm, Wang Li Jun, Ren Hao, Shi Ming, Anna Breuer, Yvonne Costello, Pat Kiernan, Tutu Babatunde, Zandie Mabiusa, Maurice Byrne, Feng Hui, Lijuan Zhao, Zhao Yun, Yang Mei, He Hong Tao, Zhou Ming, Ren Hang, Ning Ning Gho, Lei Jia, Xue Sheng Ying, Huang Li Rong, Lange Zian, Jinge Li, Vue Lang Xue, Han Jun
Director: Steve Hudson
Countries: Germany / Ireland / UK
UK: 96 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and sex references
UK Release Date: 14 September 2007 (Limited Release)


The Providence, a heavily-indebted Scottish trawler, calls in at a Belgian port. As their catch fails to pay the mortgage, Sean, the ship's mate, turns to smuggling but it's not black market cigarettes, their contact has only got Chinese immigrants - all of whom have paid to get to Britain.
Keeping his deal from his father, the skipper, he enrols Riley as part of the crew and stows the immigrants away in the trawler's hold while the skipper sleeps. Sean's plan is to get a good catch first to avoid suspicion from port authorities and not sail straight home but this causes conflict is between Sean and Riley.

Meanwhile, conditions in the hold are deteriorating rapidly as they are unable to find a good catch. Increasingly desperate, Riley and Sean work themselves to exhaustion but when one of the Chinese dies in the hold, Riley breaks the truth to the skipper...

Filmed on location in Ireland, Germany and Scotland and on the trawler Martha David built in 1976 and decommissioned in 2006, TRUE NORTH is directed by Steve Hudson.