Year: 2003
USA: IFC First Take
Cast: Joseph McFadden, Kate Ashfield, Matthew Delamere, Christine Tremarco, Vas Blackwood, Karine Adrover, Karen Tomlin, Neve McIntosh
Director: Tony Fisher
Country: UK
USA: 80 mins
USA Release Date: 9 August 2006 (Limited Release - New York)
US Distributor


THE TROUBLE WITH MEN AND WOMEN is a bittersweet romantic tale set in London concerning the sentimental education of Matt (Joseph McFadden), a young man absurdly confused about women. While searching for love all Matt experiences is betrayal, lust and loneliness.

Fed up drinking his feelings away after an ex-girlfriend Deborah (Neve McIntosh) left him for life in America and listening to his drinking buddies' philosophizing he begins dating a string of girls thus hoping to understand the opposite sex.

Despite all his efforts it is Susie (Kate Ashfield) the girlfriend of his best friend, Vinnie (Matthew Delamere) that he is dangerously attracted to.