Year: 2006
USA & UK: Twentieth Century Fox
Cast: James Franco, Sophia Myles, Rufus Sewell, David Patrick O'Hara, Mark Strong, Henry Cavill, Bronagh Gallagher, Ronan Vibert, Lucy Russell, JB Blanc, Graham Mullins, Leo Gregory, Dexter Fletcher, Richard Dillane, Hans Martin-Stier, Thomas Morris, Jamie King, Wolfgang Muller, Cheyenne Rushing, Barbara Kodetova, Isobel Moynihan, Gordon Truefitt, Myles Taylor, Jack Montgomery, Marek Vašut, David Fisher, Bronwen Davies II, Kevin Flood, Philip O'Sullivan, Nevan Finegan, Jon Olafsson, Todd Kramer, Winter Ave Zoli, Mirek Simunek
Director: Kevin Reynolds
Countries: UK / USA
USA & UK: 126 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for intense battle sequences and some sexuality
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate violence and sex
USA Release Date: 13 January 2006
UK Release Date: 21 April 2006


After the fall of Rome, the warlords of England are brutally kept in line by the forces of Irish King Donnchadh (David Patrick O'Hara). One of these leaders, Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell) seeks to unite the English tribes to form one strong nation to rule itself. His greatest knight is Tristan (James Franco), whom Marke raised since he was orphaned in an Irish attack that also took Marke's family. With Tristan by his side, Marke believes he can unify his people and rid England of Irish rule. But Tristan harbors a terrible secret...

Wounded and left for dead after battle, he is nursed back to health by Isolde (Sophia Myles), a mysterious Irish beauty who hides him from her father, King Donnchadh's, forces and brings him back to life. But their passionate affair is cut short when Tristan must return to England, not knowing if he will see Isolde again.

Still seeking to throw the English tribes back into chaos, King Donnchadh gives away his daughter as the prize in a tournament between all the champions of England. Tristan wins the princess' hand for Lord Marke, whose vision of a united England may finally be realized. Tristan is horrified to see that the woman he has won for his Lord, the woman whom Marke will marry, is his Irish savior Isolde. Worse, Marke is a good and worthy future king, whose belief in Tristan has made the young knight who he is.

First separated by countries at war, and now by loyalty to King and country, Tristan and Isolde must suppress their emotions for the sake of peace and the future of England. But the more they deny their passion, the more fiercely it burns. Despite their efforts to stay apart, Tristan and Isolde are driven inexorably together, risking everything for one last moment in each other's arms.

Twentieth Century Fox presents TRISTAN & ISOLDE, a sweeping tale of love and loss, myth and fate, based on the timeless, seminal Celtic myth of star-crossed passion. The executive producers include Ridley Scott (KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, GLADIATOR), Tony Scott (MAN ON FIRE), Jim Lemley (WE WERE SOLDIERS), and Frank Hubner (WHALE RIDER). The film is directed by Kevin Reynolds (ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES) from a screenplay by Dean Georgaris (THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE).