Year: 2007
UK: New Wave Films
Cast: Tomasz Sapryk, Joanna Liszowska, Marzena Sztuka, Ewlinw Walendziak, Damian Ul, Rafal Guzniczak
Director: Andrzej Jakimowski
Country: Poland
Language: Polish (English subtitles)
UK: 96 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate language and sex references
UK Release Date: 4 September 2009 (Limited Release)


Six year-old Stefak is on a mission and is attempting to get back closer to the father he lost who left his mother when he walked out of his life.

Stefak's mission is to challenge fate and instigates a series of small events that he believes will achieve his goal. When Elka his 17 year-old sister explains how to exploit fate with small sacrifices he uses this to his advantage until at a decisive point he has nothing left to offer.

Determined not to lose in the game he has set in motion, Stefal raises the stakes dangerously high...