Year: 1999
USA: Fine Line Features
UK: Millivres Multi Media
Cast: Christian Campbell, John Paul Pituc, Tori Spelling, Steve Hayes, Clinton Leupp, Lorri Bagley, Kevin Chamberlin, Missi Pyle, Brad Beyer, Lacey Kohl, Will Keenan, Helen Hanft, Eric Bernat, Michele Brilliant, Scottie Epstein, Rodney Folkerts
Director: Jim Fall
Country: USA
USA: 90 mins
UK: 89 mins
USA Rated: R for strong language and sexual content
UK Certificate: 15 for some coarse language and moderate sexual references
USA Release Date: 23 July 1999
UK Release Date: 5 May 2000


An aspiring musical theatre writer, Gabriel (Christian Campbell) is talented, dedicated and ambitious. But there's one problem with his songs: he's detached from the big emotions he's writing about. He needs some excitement in his life, something better than running lines with his crazy actress friend Katherine (Tori Spelling).

So Gabriel tries out a local cruise bar, where he briefly exchanges looks with go-go boy Mark (John Paul Pitoc), the male ideal in a red thong. Later, the two men find themselves on the same subway train. Mark picks up the bashful songwriter and so begins an all-night odyssey that finds Mark and Gabriel desperately searching for a place to be alone all over downtown Manhattan as fate, friends and misunderstandings conspire to keep them from consummating their passion. But as the sun rises over Greenwich Village, the would-be lovers are left with the feeling that the evening has yielded something far more gratifying than a one-night stand.