Year: 2007
Cast: Ellen Page, Ari Cohen, Max McCabe-Lokos, Erin McMurtry, SlimTwig, Julian Richings, Libby Adams, Shawn Ahmed, Stephen Amell, Jackie Brown, Ryan Cooley, Daniel Father, Tara Nicodemo, Todd Sandomirsky, Derek Scott, Zie Souwand, Kate Todd
Director: Bruce McDonald
Country: Canada
USA: 79 mins
USA Release Date: 9 May 2008 (Limited Release - New York)

US Distributor


Based on screenwriter Maureen Medved's novel of the same name, THE TRACEY FRAGMENTS stars Ellen Page as teenager Tracey Berkowitz who ends up travelling around in the back of a city bus wearing nothing save the tattered curtain she's wrapped around herself.

The film tells the story of how this came to be and uses highly inventive and dynamic Mondrian-like split screens to convey the unfolding drama, which is set for the most part in a pre-blizzard, bleak, urban wasteland.

On screen for virtually the entirety of the film's duration, Ellen Page's Tracey is attempting to find the missing brother she has bizarrely hypnotised into thinking he is a dog...