Year: 2003
UK: Tartan Films
Cast: Laurent Lucas, Clara Choveaux, Thiago Teles, Celia Catalifo, Lou Castel, Alex Descas, Marcelo Novais Teles, Olivier Torres
Director: Bertrand Bonello
Countries: France / Canada
Languages: French / Portuguese (English subtitles)
UK: 115 mins
UK Certificate: N/C
UK Release Date: 15 July 2005 (Limited Release - London)


If I don't burn
If you don't burn
If we don't burn
How will the darkness light up the night?

The story of Tiresia is part of Greek mythology. During his life, Tiresia was both a man and a woman. Blinded by the rage of a goddess, the gods granted him higher vision. Our story takes place in our day.

Tiresia, a Brazilian transsexual of extreme beauty, lives illegally with her brother in the outskirts of Paris.

Terranova, an aesthete with poetic ideas, likens Tiresia to a perfect rose. He ends up kidnapping her to keep her as his own. Deprived of her daily hormones, Tiresia transforms little by little before his eyes.

Powerless before what his rose becomes, Terranova blinds Tiresia and leaves her for dead in the countryside.

In a pitiful state between woman and man, Tiresia is taken in and cared for by Anna, a simple young girl. While recuperating, Tiresia discovers a sudden gift of premonition. But the presence of an oracle disturbs the Church. The parish priest has no choice but to confront Tiresia.