Year: 2010
USA: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures / Buena Vista Distribution
UK: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures UK
Cast (voices of): Mae Whitman, Lauren Mote, Michael Sheen, Pamela Adlon, Lucy Liu, Raven-Symone, Kristen Chenoweth, Angela Bartys, Rob Paulsen, Jeff Bennett, Jesse McCartney, Faith Prince, Jeff Bennett
Director: Bradley Raymond
Country: USA
USA & UK: 76 mins
USA Rated: G
UK Certificate: U contains no material likely to offend or harm
USA Release Date: 21 September 2010
UK Release Date: 13 August 2010


What would you do if you caught a fairy? Well when Tinker Bell meets a human for the first time, you can see this magical moment for yourself.

Everyone knows about Tinker Bell's exploits with Wendy but before that adventure, she met Lizzy, a young girl who truly believed in the power of pixie dust and the magical land of fairies.

While the fairies are visiting the flowering meadows of England during the summer, Tinker Bell forms a special bond with Lizzy. As the other fairies organise a daring rescue mission, Tinker Bell goes it alone and launches one herself to help out her new friend. Unfortunately disaster strikes her rescue mission and causes a threat to the future of fairy-kind...