Year: 2001
USA: Warner Brothers
Cast: Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Christian Slater, Courteney Cox, Howie Long, Jon Lovitz, David Arquette, Ice-T, Bokeem Woodbine, Shawn Michael Howard, Raoul Ganeev, Thomas Haden Church, David Kaye, Peter Kent, Morgan H Margolis, Kevin Pollak
Director: Demian Lichtenstein
Country: USA
USA: 125 mins
USA Rated: R for strong violence, sexuality and language
USA Release Date: 23 February 2001


It's International Elvis Week in Las Vegas, where the strip is flooded by a sea of King wannabes decked out in jumpsuits and sideburns. But five of the impersonators swaggering into the Riviera Hotel and Casino are toting heavy weaponry in their guitar cases.

It's the heist of a lifetime, orchestrated by ex-con Michael (Kurt Russell) and his cunning former cellmate, Murphy (Kevin Costner). The crooked Elvises steal away with $3.2 million, leaving the hotel in ruins and a high body count in their wake as they make a dramatic rooftop escape via helicopter.

But when Murphy betrays his men, attempting to murder each one and keep the full stash for himself, Michael escapes with the loot and sets out to launder the marked currency. Along the way, he hooks up with Cybil (Courteney Cox), a beautiful grifter with small-town baggage and big-time dreams. Determined to retire from his life of crime but unable to shake his opportunistic one-night stand, Michael careens through state lines with Cybil by his side, Murphy on his tail and law enforcement in hot pursuit.

Five years of shared cell time provided Murphy and Michael with enough personal information to predict the other man's moves. Now their knowledge is put to the test in a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse that escalates to an explosive finale in the remote Pacific Northwest.

Morgan Creek Productions, Inc. and Franchise Pictures present, in association with Lightstone Entertainment, Inc., 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND, an action thriller starring Kurt Russell (SOLDIER, BREAKDOWN) and Kevin Costner (THIRTEEN DAYS). Directed by Demian Lichtenstein from a screenplay by Richard Recco and Demian Lichtenstein.