Year: 2002
UK: Soda Pictures
Cast: Michael Colgan, Kenny Glenaan, David Bradley, John Henshaw, Keri Arnold, Chris Middleton, Adam Pepper
Director: Bille Eltringham
Country: UK
UK: 91 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong language, drugs use and violence
UK Release Date: 5 September 2003 (Limited Theatrical Release whilst simultaneously being streamed on the Internet)


Spike (Michael Colgan) and Heaton (Kenny Glenaan) are the unlikeliest pair: two loners who have found each other. Taciturn, competent, unreadable, Heaton is someone we are instinctively afraid of. In contrast his sidekick Spike is manic, child-like, unstoppable: someone we are instinctively afraid for.

But when Spike commits a terrible crime, Heaton decides to stand by him - an act of astonishing, almost foolhardy loyalty. There begins a chase across a vast Northern landscape across moors, rivers and dark woods, the increasingly exhausted fugitives being hunted not by the police but by a posse of farmers intent on revenge.

As exhaustion and hunger take hold, Heaton injures his leg and the roles are reversed. Suddenly Heaton needs Spike's loyalty. But as the farmers close in, Spike is forced to decide whether to stand by his wounded friend or run for the safety of the city.

No ordinary chase film, THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG is a love story caught in the body of a thriller.

Written by Simon Beaufoy of THE FULL MONTY fame and directed by Bille Eltringham, this taut thriller will receive it's world premiere on the internet at whilst simultaneously being streamed, digitally projected and 35mm projected at some cinemas across the UK.

Looking to break from traditional film making methods, every stage of THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG was approached afresh. Cast before it was written the film stars award-winner Kenny Glenaan and Michael Colgan and was filmed in only two weeks.