Year: 2010
UK DVD: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: David James Elliott, Heather Marie Marsden, Jeff Fahey, Michael Madsen, Andrew Sensenig, Lawrence Turner
Director: Dan Garcia
Country: USA
UK: 83 mins
USA Rated: R for sadistic bloody violence, terror, language, nudity and drug use
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence and sexualised violence
UK DVD Release Date: 28 February 2011


Starring cult action legend, Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, Sin City), and Jeff Fahey (Lost, Machete, Planet Terror) in the tradition of hit films Vacancy and The Strangers, the horror TERROR TRAP features gore, action and suspense to make your worst nightmare come to life.

A car breakdown strands couple, Don (David James Elliot) & Nancy (Heather Marie Marsden). Forced to check in to a seedy motel run by Carter (Michael Madsen) for the night, they soon discover that the owners are playing a sick game in which the motel is used to snuff films with the paying guests used as unwilling stars. By the time Don and Nancy realize what’s happening, it’s too late to flee and they must fight to survive the night from the twisted gang of masked kidnappers, torturers and killers or be the next victims of the terror trap.

TERROR TRAP is everyone’s worst nightmare about what can happen in a rural Southern town with corrupt law enforcement coupled with violent rednecks and no way to leave.