Year: 2003
USA: Warner Bros
UK: Columbia Tristar Films (UK)
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl, Claire Danes, Kristanna Loken, David Andrews, Mark Famiglietti, Earl Boen, Moira Harris, Chopper Bernet, Christopher Lawford, Carolyn Hennesy, Jay Acovone, M C Gainey, Susan Merson, Elizabeth Morehead, Billy D Lucas, Brian Sites, Alana Curry, Larry McCormick, Robert Alonzo, Michael Papajohn, Timothy Dowling, Mark Hicks, Matt Gerald, William O'Leary, Rick Zieff, Rebecca Tilney, Chris Hardwick, Helen Eigenberg, Walter von Huene, Jerry Katell, George E Sack Jr, Jon Foster, Kim Robillard
Director: Jonathan Mostow
Country: USA
UK: 109 mins
USA Rated: R for strong sci-fi violence and action, and for language and brief nudity
UK Certificate: 12A contains strong language and violence
USA Release Date: 2 July 2003
UK Release Date: 1 August 2003


A decade has passed since John Connor (Nick Stahl) helped prevent Judgment Day - the day Skynet's highly developed network of machines was fated to become self-aware and destroy mankind. But August 29, 1997 came and went without incident, despite Skynet's twice failed attempts to kill Connor and wage war on humanity.

Now 22, Connor lives "off the grid" - no home, no credit cards, no cell phone and no job. No record of his existence. No way he can be traced by Skynet. Until...

...out of the shadows of the future steps the T-X (Kristanna Loken), Skynet's most sophisticated cyborg killing machine yet. Sent back through time to complete the job left unfinished by her predecessor, the T-1000, this machine is as relentless as her human guise is beautiful. And she is exponentially more powerful, dangerous and destructive than every Terminator that has come before her.

Nut this time, Connor isn't the only target on Skynet's hit list - unsuspecting veterinarian Kate Brewster (Claire Danes) will see her distant past and promising present collide with an unimaginable future...but only if she can elude the unassailable T-X.

When Connor and Kate realize that Judgement Day is rocketing towards them - with only three hours between them and the end of the world - their only hope for survival is a replica of the cyborg Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Connor's mysterious - and now obsolete - former assassin. Together, they must triumph over the technologically superior T-X and forestall the looming threat of Judgment Day...or face the apocalypse and the fall of civilization as we know it.