Year: 2002
USA: Magnolia Pictures
Cast: Delaune Michel, Morgan Fairchild, Henry Gibson, Howard Hesseman, John Michael Higgins, Justin Kirk, Michael McKean, Ming-Na, David Rasche, Harry Shearer, Dale E Turner, Alan Thicke, George Wendt, Fred Willard, Larry Miller, Kurtwood Smith, Brenda Strong, Travis Wester, Barry Wiggins
Director: Harry Shearer
Country: USA
USA Release Date: 5 April 2002 (Limited Release - Los Angeles and San Francisco)
USA Release Date: 29 March 2002 (Limited Release - New York)


A comic junket behind-the-scenes of the world's most exclusive power-broker retreat. The true story: the richest, most powerful white men in America gather each summer in Northern California for a super secret retreat. They're there to unwind, but they get really unwound when that secrecy is threatened.

Captains of industry, political royalty, entertainment luminaries, battlefield heroes, renowned intellects and many of their proud male issue, respond year after year to the siren-call of the glen...Zambesi Glen, that is. For fifty-one weeks a year they run thecountry; for one week they run amok....a Teddy Bears' Picnic if ever there was one.

Hidden in the majestic redwoods of northern California, Zambesi Glen is an exclusive, retreat for this group of insanely powerful, rich, untouchable, mostly old, always white men. Stripped of the niceties required by the presence of their mistresses, wives and daughters, while adhering to the retreat's motto 'Have No Care Who Enter Here', these pillars of society know how to cut loose.

Unfortunately for the Glen's stalwart denizens, times are changing. Womenfolk are now included in a special one-time-only luncheon and tour (although they must be out before dark), feminists protest noisily at the gate, the media makes sport of them, the ten year waiting list just doesn't seem long enough, and good help is getting harder and harder to find. Just when it appears that things couldn't get worse, Zambesi Glen's iron clad code of secrecy is breached and its very existence imperiled.

Will the traitor be caught? Will he be publicly humiliated in the sacred redwood grove or blown to bits by secret military aircraft? Will News Channel Six's spunky femme reporter expose the growing scandal? Where is the missing case of Sanka? The answers may be found by joining TEDDY BEARS' PICNIC.