Year: 2004
UK: Revolver Entertainment
Cast: Pietro Martellanza, Anja Gebel, Magdalena Ritter, Ludwig Nicole, Maunsell Gabriel, Chloe Micky, Bittner Udo, Oefelein Leoni, Jandris Irena-Heliana, Celik Nuran, Adrian Topol, Bozatt Joey, Mai Christa, Thomas Otto, Peter Domsch, Michael Balaun, Marcel Trunsch, Mathieu Carriere, Cora Chilcott, Kiefer Vronie, Ulrich Lenk, Sharin Groten, Crisjan Zöllner, Ebert Leon, Jörg Buttner, Crista Azzola, Sophia Gobien, Heike Hubner, Alexander Lammers
Director: Andreas Marschall
Country: Germany
Language: German (English subtitles)
UK: 106 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong bloody violence. Language: infrequent, strong. Sex/Nudity: infrequent, moderate. Violence: frequent, strong, bloody. Other: drug references
UK DVD Release Date: 16 January 2006


TEARS OF KALI comprises of three gruesomely intertwined tales of the macabre events that revolve around the infamous Taylor Eriksson faction - a mysterious meditation cult and a group that redefined the limits of self-finding, sex and violence.

The film is the feature debut of German director Andreas Marschall and stars Italian horror icon Peter Martell (FRENCH SEX MURDERS, SNOW DEVILS) and German scream queen Anja Gebel (RIGOR MORTIS, LORD OF THE UNDEAD).

The three episodes are some of the most horrific ever committed to film. In SHAKTI, Tansu Yimaz (Nuran Celik) wants to solve the murder of her therapist Samarfan (Joey Bozat) and interrogates mentally disturbed suspect Elisabeth Steinberg (Irena Heliana-Jandris) harbouring a petrifying secret.

In Devi, skinhead Robin Borg (Marcel Trunsch) is sentenced to undergo psychiatric sessions with the famous Dr Steiner (Michael Ballaun). However the doctor has a rather nasty, short, sharp shock cure in mind for his violent patient. In Kali, a fraudulent alcoholic faith healer known as The Golden (Mathieu Carriere) accidentally sets free an eerie evil power with blood freezing results.

TEARS OF KALI returns the genre to the days when horror flicks were truly terrifying, utilising cutting edge special effects and ultra gore make-ups. It's a macabre, cruel and terrifying anthology, with scenes including a naked blonde cutting her eyelids off with a pair of nail scissors and a complete body skinning.