Year: 1976
UK: Park Circus
Cast: Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Albert Brooks, Harvey Keitel, Leonard Harris, Peter Boyle, Cybill Shepherd, Steven Prince, Martin Scorsese, Diahnne Abbott, Norman Matlock, Harry Northup, Frank Adu, Gino Ardito, Vic Argo, Garth Avery, Harry Cohn, Copper Cunningham, Brenda Dickson, Harry Fischler, Nat Grant, Richard Higgs, Beau Kayser, Vic Magnotta, Bob Maroff, Bill Minkin, Murray Moston, Gene Palma, Carey Poe, Peter Savage, Nicholas Shields, Ralph Singleton, Joe Spinell, Maria Turner, Robin Utt
Director: Martin Scorsese
Country: USA
UK: 114 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains very strong sex references and child prostitution theme
UK Release Date: 13 May 2011 (Limited Re-release)
UK Release Date: 28 July 2006 (Limited Re-release - wider)
UK Release Date: 14 July 2006 (Limited Re-release - London)
UK DVD Release Date: 13 August 2007
UK Distributor

Synopsis 35th Anniversary Restoration

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, TAXI DRIVER has been digitally restored and will be back in cinemas from 13 May.

Following the world premiere of the new digital restoration of TAXI DRIVER at Berlin International Film Festival on 17 February 2011, almost 35 years to the day of its American premiere in 1976, Martin Scorsese's cult tale of modern alienation will return to the cinema screens this spring.

Based on an original screenplay by Paul Schrader, TAXI DRIVER is a dark rumination centring on one man, driven to violence by loneliness and desperation. Starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster, the title was nominated for 4 Academy Awards (including 'Best Picture') in 1977 and the winner of Cannes International Film Festival's Golden Palm Award 1976.

The iconic imagery - De Niro with the gun and the mirror, Foster as a child prostitute in hot pants, and the yellow cab, gliding through the streets of New York to Bernard Herrmann's pulsating score - has now been brought back to its former glory, thanks to an extensive, full 4K digital restoration under the supervision of Grover Crisp of Sony Pictures.

Synopsis 30th Anniversary Restoration

Vietnam vet Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) takes a job driving a New York cab at night. Very much a loner his isolation increases, as does his disgust at the lowlifes that frequent the streets during the night. His first date with Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) turns sour and his pleas to child prostitute Iris (Jodie Foster) to return home fall on deaf ears.

Becoming increasing unstable and alienated, he sets out to address the problems that are troubling him.

The 30th anniversary re-issue of TAXI DRIVER is being re-released on new 35mm prints. It won Best Picture at 1976 Cannes Film Festival.

Special Edition DVD

Boasting exclusive new packaging and packed with never-before-seen extras, including an introduction by Martin Scorsese, two feature length commentaries and brand new documentaries and featurettes, Taxi Driver Special Edition is a glowing new version of one of the most important films ever made and an absolute must-have for fans of Scorsese and De Niro.


Feature (Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound)
Introduction to the DVD with Martin Scorsese
Introduction to the DVD with Paul Schrader
Commentary: Writer (Paul Schrader)
Commentary: Professor Robert Kolker (Author of A Cinema of Loneliness)
‘Loneliness and Inspiration’ Documentary
‘Cabbie Confessional’ Documentary
‘Producing a Cult Classic’ Featurette
‘Appreciation and Influence’ Featurette
‘Taxi Driver Locations: Then and Now’ Featurette
Animated Photo Gallery
Storyboard to Film Comparisons
Behind the Scenes Documentary
Theatrical Trailer