Year: 2011
USA: Paramount Pictures
UK: Paramount / DreamWorks Animation
Cast (voices of): Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, Billy Bob Thornton, Amy Sedaris, Constance Marie, Guillermo del Toro, Rich Dietl, Ryan Crego, Tom Wheeler, Conrad Vernon, Tom McGrath
Director: Chris Miller
Country: USA
USA & UK: 90 mins
USA Rated: PG for some adventure action and mild rude humor
UK Certificate: U contains mild comic fight scenes and innuendo
USA Release Date: 28 October 2011
UK Release Date: 9 December 2011


Comedy has nine lives as DreamWorks Animation - the studio behind HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, SHREK and KUNG FU PANDA - presents the epic story of cinema’s funniest, furriest feline movie star, PUSS IN BOOTS.

Long before he even met Shrek, the notorious fighter, lover and outlaw Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) becomes a hero when he sets off on an adventure with the tough and street smart Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek) and the mastermind Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) to save his town.

Complicating matters along the way are the notorious outlaws Jack and Jill (Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris), who will do anything to see that Puss and his band do not succeed.

This is the true story of The Cat, The Myth, The Legend…and, of course, The Boots.