Year: 2007
UK: Yume Pictures
Cast: Kelly Reilly, Miranda Richardson, Rita Tushingham, Oscar Pearce, William Houston, Donald Sutherland, Leona Igoe, Tina Kellegher, Pat Deery, Ronald Daniels, Elaine Gormley, Suzanne McAuley, Caoimhe McErlean, Declan Reynolds
Director: Nicolas Roeg
Countries: UK / Ireland / Canada
UK: 120 mins
UK Certificate: 18 contains images of strong real sex and gory moments
UK Release Date: 18 July 2008 (Limited Release)


Based on the novel by British writer Fay Weldon, PUFFBALL is a chilling, supernatural drama of love and loss and set in rural Ireland where is was filmed on location.

Liffey (Kelly Reilly), a young architect, decides to move out to a rural setting to design and build her own house. Fairly isolated and surrounded by adjoining farms, this secluded valley appears an idyllic setting to Liffey as she bravely starts out on her own.

However when Liffey falls pregnant the neighbouring farmers become increasingly hostile towards her and her unborn child. As powerful supernatural forces gather pace, Liffey fears for her life and survival becomes instinctive to protect her unborn baby.

Directed by British director Nicholas Roeg, PUFFBALL stars Miranda Richardson (HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE), Kelly Reilly (PRIDE & PREJUDICE), Rita Tushingham and Donald Sutherland (FOOL'S GOLD),