Year: 2000
USA: Lot 47 Films
Cast: Danielle Cormack, Karl Urban, Willa O'Neill, Michael Lawrence, Rangi Motu
Director: Harry Sinclair
Country: New Zealand
USA: 87 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for drug use and sensuality/nudity
USA Release Date: 14 February 2001 (Limited Release - New York)


Once upon a time, on a dairy farm in a faraway land of fertile green valleys, there lived two lovers-Lucinda (Danielle Cormack) and Rob (Karl Urban). After Rob proposes to her, however, Lucinda starts to worry that the sparkle may be fading from their love. She drives in her pickup truck to seek the advice of her best friend, Drosophilia (Willa O'Neill), a quirky Foodmart clerk. On the way, she mows over a mysterious old Maori woman. Shocked, she rushes over to help, but the woman scurries off, calling back a cryptic warning: "Keep Warm!"

Shaken, Lucinda continues into town where she explains her concerns about her relationship to Drosophilia. She assures Lucinda that her romance is like a storybook and Lucinda returns home, somewhat appeased. But that night, while Lucinda and Rob are sleeping, their quilt is mysteriously stolen. Distraught over her bedspread and unsettled about her future with Rob, Lucinda returns to see Drosophilia. She suggests Lucinda put Rob's love through a series of tests to prove how devoted he is to her. Convinced this is the only way to tell if their love is forever, Lucinda returns home and the games begin.

Lucinda's efforts to revitalise her love life succeed but soon fade with her obsession over the lost quilt at its whereabouts. She tracks down its thief-the same old Maori woman and her nephews. Demanding the quilt back, she single-mindedly barters for the blanket, consenting to trade her most valuable possession. When Rob wakes the next day, he finds that all of his cows have disappeared. Events spiral out of control as Rob moves out and Lucinda realises he is the man for her.

Trapped in a whirlwind nightmare, Lucinda finds she must get Rob's cows back before she loses her one true love forever. Ultimately, she must learn the price of milk before it's too late.