Year: 2000
USA: Artistic License Films
Cast: Joshua Evans, Alexis Arquette, Michael Madsen, Goldie, Sticky Fingaz, Charis Michelsen, Michelle Phillips
Director: Joshua Evans
USA Release Date: 29 September 2000 (Limited Release - New York)


THE PRICE OF AIR is the riveting tale of Paul (Joshua Evans), an affable but clueless punk, who agrees to courier for the corrupt Mr Ball (Michael Madsen), who's about to take delivery of a new herbal substance rumoured to be, "More addictive than air".

Against the gut feelings of his best friend D (Sticky Fingaz), Paul does the deal for the quick cash, but the supplier turns on him gunning down D. Paul flees with the cash and the stash, but only after promising his dying friend that he'll flush it before Ball puts it on the street.

Now on the run, Paul meets Anne (Charis Michelsen) a beautiful lonely woman. They indulge in the substance and each other, discovering the drugs curious effects. Next morning Ball's eviscerator (Goldie) shows up looking for vengeance and Anne saves a debilitated Paul. Quickly escaping to the sanctuary of the red desert, they spend days and nights in love - and in each other, find the strength to simply be themselves. In the explosive finish, they return to confront their demons.