Year: 2006
USA: Buccaneer FIlms / Palisades Pictures
Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Tcheky Karyo, Daniel Stern, Valerie Mahaffey, Simon Woods, Kate Miles, Derek Riddell, Claire Brosseau, Elizabeth Whitmere, Hendrik Jansen, Daniela Saioni, Pierre Stafrace
Director: Joan Carr-Wiggin
Countries: Canada / Malta / UK
USA: 118 mins
USA Release Date: 9 May 2008 (Limited Release)


"Do you remember your first great love?
The one you thought would last forever?
What would happen if you met again..."

Seattle librarian Julia Reynolds (Juliet Stevenson) has been planning this family vacation to Malta for some time. Taking her unadventurous husband, Jack (Daniel Stern) along, she has secretly arranged to keep a date made 25 years earlier with her first love.
Alex Belmont (Tcheky Karyo), Julia's secret French paramour keeps their date and has such strong feelings for her still that causes a riff in Julia's marriage as Jack decides to search out his own island romance.

Julia is now faced with making a possible life altering decision as she is faced with staying with her husband, a man she never really knew, or following her heart and choosing the man she's dreamt of for 25 years.