Year: 2010
USA: Music Box Films
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Gerard Depardieu, Fabrice Luchini, Karin Viard, Judith Godreche, Jeremie Renier, Sergi Lopez, Evelyne Dandry, Bruno Lochet, Elodie Frege, Gautier About, Jean-Baptiste Shelmerdine, Noam Charlier, Martin De Myttenaere
Director: François Ozon
Country: France
Language: French (English subtitles)
USA & UK: 103 mins
USA Rated: R for some sexuality
UK Certificate: 15 contains moderate sex
USA Release Date: 25 March 2011 (Limited Release)
UK Release Date: 17 June 2011



Written and directed by François Ozon, POTICHE is freely adapted from the hit play by Barillet and Gredy.

North of France, Sainte-Gudule, 1977.

Set in a provincial northern French town, Suzanne (Catherine Deneuve) is a submissive, stay-at-home 'trophy housewife' or 'potiche' of wealthy umbrella factory owner, Robert Pujol (Fabrice Luchini). When the workers at her tyrannical husband's factory take him hostage and strike, Suzanne takes control of the situation and to everyone's surprise, proves herself a competent and assertive woman of action. Meanwhile Robert returns from a restful cruise in top form, but things get complicated as Maurice Babin (Gerard Depardieu), a former union leader and Suzanne's ex-lover, still holds a flame for Suzanne.

Acclaimed writer-director Francois Ozon (SWIMMING POOL, UNDER THE SAND, TIME TO LEAVE) who had previously directed Ms Deneuve in the international hit 8 WOMEN, twists the original play on its head to create his own satirical and hilarious take on the war between the sexes and classes.

POTICHE reunites French cinema legends Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu in an ensemble cast that includes comic greats Fabrice Luchini and Karin Viard (as Luchini's secretary and mistress,) while Judith Godreche and Jeremie Renier play the Pujols' entitled daughter and sexually ambiguous son.