Year: 2000
USA: Hollywood Independents
Cast: Sean Young, William Devane, Jaime Pressly, Jacob Tierney, Tony Denman, Jason London, M Emmet Walsh, Tim Kazurinsky, Danielle Harris, Kerri Randles, Patrick Renna, Richard Livingston, Craig Patton, Todd Babcock
Director: Michael Addis
Country: USA
USA: 89 mins
USA Release Date: 1 December 2000 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


Mike Bronco (Tony Denman) knows a college degree is a sure ticket out of the trailer park. He is determined to rise above his humble Southern Illinois roots and broken home to become a family therapist. His best friend Lynard "Lennie" Lake (Jacob Tierney), has a simpler vision for the future. He is a firecracker enthusiast whose notion of the American dream is trucking school.

One fateful day, fun-loving Lennie convinces the serious-minded Mike to shoplift "Near Bear". The seemingly harmless exploit snowballs into an exploding Vega (an ill-conceived distraction), injuring store owner Ken Kenworthy and enraging his agressive son, Rickey (Patrick Renna). The two land in court and Mike's dreams of an exodus to the middle class and Lenny's trucking career are threatened.

As this transpires, Mike's mother, Linda Bronco (Sean Young) finds she has plenty to worry about beyond paying the rent. Although her life's burdens hit Linda hard, she will not allow the worst to befall Mike and Lenny. The boys devise a plan to carry out a few trailer burglaries to raise the money to hire lawyer Ron Lake (William Devane), Lennie's oily, ex-con grandfather, to take their case. When Linda catches the boys in the middle of a burglary, she steadfastly resolves to help them out, provided their spoils will finance Mike's college tuition.

During their bizarre journey to redemption and the promise of a better life, the boys throw all caution and common sense to the wind. With Mike's mom in tow, they execute a series of outrageously-plotted trailer park burglaries. With bigger threats and growing confidence, the boys move on to bigger hits until things really spin out of control, with several repeat visits to court, explosions, guns, fire and, finally, a spectacular car / trailer chase with $250,000 in loot at stake.

Despite the insanity, Mike and Lennie learn significant growing-up lessons in the most hilarious ways. While they tear through the highways, cornfields and courthouses of America's heartland, their bonds of friendship and trust grow stronger. Through zany trials and instances of mistaken identity, they endure many indignities, life-threatening situations, temptations and embarassments. But they survive, determined to emerge with dignity, self-respect and an unyielding sense of humour.