Year: 2000
USA: USA Films
UK: Universal Pictures
Cast: Vin Diesel, Radha Mitchell, Cole Hauser, Claudia Black, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Ric Anderson, Les Chantery, Firass Dirani, Rhiana Griffith, Sam Sari, Keith David
Director: David N Twohy
Countries: USA / Australia
USA: 107 mins
UK: 110 mins
USA Rated: R for sci-fi violence and gore, and for language
UK Certificate: 15 for strong language, moderate horror and violence
USA Release Date: 18 February 2000
UK Release Date: 10 November 2000


From the mind of writer/director David Twohy (THE ARRIVAL and DISASTER IN TIME) comes a new science-fiction thriller, PITCH BLACK.

In the not-too-distant future, docking pilot Fry (Radha Mitchell) makes a forced crash-landing of her spacecraft on a distant planet. Fry's crew is killed, even as some of the passengers escape. Lawman Johns (Cole Hauser) is unharmed, but so is his prisoner, the murderous Riddick (Vin Diesel). The planet is eerie, arid, and lifeless and as the survivors explore the brutally hot planet, they must band together in order to survive.

However as the sun sets, the planet plunges into total darkness giving relief from the daytime heat, but once night falls the worst is yet to come - its other inhabitants emerge to hunt for prey...

Don't be afraid of the dark., be afraid of what's in the dark.