Year: 2002
USA: Castle Hill Productions
Cast: Martin Donovan, Mary-Louise Parker, Rebecca Gayheart, Kevin Carroll, Peter Jacobson, Guinevere Turner, Jill Hennessy, Anthony Arkin, Marla Sucharetza, Kevin Sussman, Joel Horwitz, Kelley Harron, Spencer Kayden, Jonathan M Woodward, Cynthia Kaplan, Jack Merrill, Laura Cahill, Kevin Seal, Tim Hopper, Susan Misner, Jim Simpson, Natalie B Pyper, Sue Jin Song, Richie Coster, Jacob Pitts, Kelly DeMartino, Mitch Roberson, Adina Porter, E J Carroll, Anton Capone, George T Odom, Michael Kaycheck, Michaela Conlin
Director: John Walsh
Country: USA
USA: 91 mins
USA Rated: R for a sex scene
USA Release Date: 4 October 2002 (Limited Release)


PIPE DREAM is a romantic comedy starring Martin Donovan as David, a plumber by trade, who fed up with being on his own, hits upon the idea of posing as a film director to meet women. With the help of a casting director he knows, the plan is set in motion stealing a script penned by an unsuccessful writer, Toni Edelman (Mary-Louise Parker), for a movie that doesn't exist. The project unexpectedly gathers momentum and Toni grabs her chance of success to get the movie made. The ensuing events lead the two of them on a stormy path with tension mounting as the movie develops, neither of them realising it's because they're attracted to each other and that it's each other they want.