Year: 1988
USA: Transatlantic
UK: Metrodome Distribution
Cast: David Hewlett, Cyndy Preston, John Ferguson, Terry O'Quinn
Director: Sandor Stern
Country: Canada
UK: 103 mins
USA Rated: R
UK Certificate: 15 Contains strong language, sex, sex references and psychological horror
USA Release Date: 4 December 1991
UK DVD Release Date: 16 July 2007


From the author of The Devil's Advocate, and starring Terry O'Quinn (LOST, THE WEST WING) and David Hewlett (STARGATE SG-1, CUBE)

In this Canadian cousin to Psycho, brother and sister, Leon and Ursula grow up in a severely dysfunctional family. Mum is an obsessive clean freak and Dad is a doctor who uses an anatomically correct medical dummy named Pin to teach life lessons to the kids using ventriloquism.

Ursula soon works out that dad does all the talking but Leon doesn't catch on quite so easily. Leon is in fact, completely obsessed with Pin and considers him part of the family.

When the parents are killed in a horrific car crash the only survivor appears to be Pin