Year: 2006
USA: Fox Searchlight
Cast: Mo'Nique, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Godfrey, Kendra C Johnson, Jack Noseworthy, Joyful Drake, Eric Roberts, Dayo Ade, Felix Pire, Doug Ballard, Charles Duckworth, Eric Roberts, Chet Anekwe, Karen Elizabeth, Kelli Jackson, Carla Jimenez, Mark Anthony Williams, Johnny Ashenafi, Raymond Williams, Nkeonye Nwankwo, Brendan Walsh, Ion Overman, Crystal Rivers, Sidney Hicks, Carrie Southworth, Shay'La Banks, Shani Bayete, Shulie Cowen, Elise Muller, Danica Sheridan, Sandra Watters, Raven Goodwin, John Ellis, Tammy Porter, Wes Hall
Director: Nnegest Likke
Country: USA
USA: 99 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for sexual content and language, including some crude sexual references
USA Release Date: 7 April 2006


Starring Mo'Nique as Jazmin Biltmore, a smart-mouthed aspiring fashion designer, PHAT GIRLZ is an edgy comedy about two frustrated plus-size women obsessed with their weight while struggling to find love and acceptance in a world full of "hot bodied" babes. The PHAT GIRLZ are thrown a major curve ball when they meet the men of their dreams who think big is better.