Year: 1999
USA: First Run Features
Cast: Stephanie Touly, Ilies Sefraoui, Mustapha Goumane, Nassim Izem, Rachid Mansouri, Dembo Goumane, Sabrina Mansar, Gerald Dantsoff, Simone Zouari Sayada, Myriam Goumane, Goundo Goumane, Fedora Saidi, Halimatou Goumane, Ludmilla Saidi, Mohamed Fekiri
Director: Jacques Doillon
Country: France
Language: French
USA: 92 mins
USA Release Date: 18 May 2001 (Limited Release - New York)


Talia is 13 years-old and already battle-weary from fighting with her mean stepfather when she runs away from home, taking her beloved dog Kim with her. She heads out to find a friend who lives in the projects near Paris, but discovers that he has moved to a foster home. Instead she meets up with a group of four boys her age who have their own gang.

While the boys talk and act tough, they take a grudging liking to Talia including her dog Kim, a pit bull. However they decide to secretly steal her dog and sell it. Talia, distraught over the disappearance of her beloved pet, strikes an uneasy alliance with the boys in an attempt to rescue Kim. Soon Talia and her gang of "petits freres" find real friendship and common humanity in the seemingly desperate surroundings.

PETITS FReRES is a dynamic portrait of young kids living on the fringe of French society. In this world where children may be bored and untrusting, they are not without feelings.