Year: 2000
UK: Optimum Releasing
Cast: Matthew Rhys, Kelly Reilly, Justin Salinger, Matthew Dunster, Sophie Okonedo
Director: Nick Grosso
Country: Ireland
UK: 85 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains frequent strong language
UK Release Date: 12 October 2001


Following its 1994 sell-out run at London's Royal Court Theatre, acclaimed playwright Nick Grosso and innovative producer Ronan Glennane of Stone Ridge Productions bring PEACHES to the big screen.

Frank (Matthew Rhys -TITUS) is more interested in the prospects of peaches (girls) and a lazy summer in London, than the fact that he has just failed his final year at college and is jobless. Besides, his flash mate Pete (Matthew Dunster - CASUALTY, TV series) has offered him free lodgings and an attractive 'peach' called Cherry (Kelly Reilly - MAYBE BABY), plus a friend from college inadvertently lets slip that she has a crush on him. Even Frank's best friend Johnny (Justin Salinger - THE VICE) is more than happy to hang out with him.

This happy state of affairs takes a turn for the worse however when Cherry asks Frank to spend a country weekend with her. Outside the familiar confines of London, Frank panics and makes a disastrous move on Cherry. The summer is turning into a catastrophe and in a bid to stop events spiralling out of his control, Frank does the unthinkable and goes in search of a job. Well, a job scheme to start. With so much change happening around him - Pete's new live-in-lover signals the threat of eviction - Frank must finally face up to his responsibilities and stand on his own two feet.