Year: 2000
UK: Metrodome
Cast: David Baker, Gary Cross, Alan McCaffrey, Chloe Annett, Jessica Hughes, Vivien Latham, Billy Maddox, Geoff McKnight, Cora Bisset
Director: David Baker
Country: UK
UK: 88 mins
UK Certificate: 15 contains coarse and strong language and comic action violence
UK Release Date: 13 July 2001 (Limited Release - Scotland)


PASTY FACES is a madcap deadpan comedy about a group of permanently resting actors.

Micky and Joe are down on their luck and in debt to some vicious load sharks. They quit Scotland and head off to LA hoping to meet up with their friends and get their lucky break.

Once in Tinsletown work is impossible to find so they decide to head for Las Vegas to enter a card game and make their fortune.

They lose their money within five minutes and are approached by the local hardman who offers them a job - rob a hotel casino. With no choice but to co-operate the friends begin to plan the heist and end up breaking more than a leg in their efforts to pillage the biggest casino on the strip !

A really low budget enterprise (the promo trailer cost $7000) and was financed by David Baker (writer, director and lead actor) and his family and friends. PASTY FACES started out as a play, progressed to a promo trailer and finally with an enormous effort - plus the backing from three London film companies and private investors - into a full-length feature film. David Baker was helped throughout by his mother Nancy and sister Julie and Lonewolf Productions, their company, was run from their tiny office in Paisley, Scotland a room in a block of flats that used to be a broom cuboard.


Animated and scored interactive menus
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Video Aspect Ratio: 16 x 9 Anamorphic Enhanced Widescreen
Dolby Digital 2.0