Year: 2001
Cast: Steve Coogan, Lena Headey, Om Puri, Steven Waddington, Ben Miller, Jenny Agutter, Emma Williams, Stephen Dillane, Emma Gilmour, Susan Jane Tanner, Iain Mitchell, James Smith, Bruce McGregor, Justin Burrows, Mark Goodhall
Director: John Duigan
Country: UK
UK: 94 mins
UK Certificate: 12 contains moderate violence, sexual references, and language
UK Release Date: 10 August 2001


Simon Garden (Steve Coogan) is a well-meaning but rather inept Blackpool parole officer who has only managed to rehabilitate three criminals in his whole career. Dispatched to the Manchester office, he gets framed for a murder he didn't commit. The only way to prove his innocence is to rob a bank to retrieve a crucial piece of evidence. But he can't do this alone, and turns to those he believes knows best - his former clients - persuading them to return to the lives of crime for one last job.