Year: 2010
UK: Arrow Films Distributors
Cast: Andre Dussollier, Marina Hands, Edouard Baer, Denis Podalydes, Tom Novembre, Gregory Gadebois, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Anne Benoît, Marie Payen, Amandine Dewasmes, Regis Romele, Gilles Segal
Director: Marc Dugain
Country: France
Language: French (English subtitles)
UK: 105 mins
UK Certificate: 12A contains moderate sex references and descriptions of torture
UK Release Date: 26 November 2001 (Limited Release)


Based on his own hugely successful novel of the same name, Marc Dugain's debut feature,
AN ORDINARY EXECUTION, is an encounter between the aging Joseph Stalin (Andre Dussolier) and a young doctor, Anna.

Anna (Marina Hands), who has extraordinary healing powers, is brought in to treat the escalating physical woes of the dictator's old age after his own doctor has been "purged." Seen entirely through Anna's eyes, he lays bare his philosophy of terror - rambling, plotting, intimidating.

Ingeniously shot to reflect the grimness of oppression, and filled with tension and mystery, AN ORDINARY EXECUTION is a compelling examination of the police state and a piercing insight into the mind of the last days of a dictator.