Year: 2010
USA: First Look Studios
UK: Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK
Cast: Andie MacDowell, Cary Elwes, Frank Whaley, Matt Dallas, Jess Weixler, Brian Cox, Clark Middleton, J W Cortes, Nicole Ansari-Cox, Mario D'Leon, Crispian Belfrage, Claudine Oriol, Juliette Bennett, Elissa Middleton, John Schuman
Director: Jonathan Mossek
Country: USA
USA: 91 mins
UK: 88 mins
USA Rated: R for violence, language and some drug content
UK Certificate: 18 contains strong sadistic threat and violence
USA Release Date: 8 October 2010
USA DVD Release Date: 12 October 2010
UK Release Date: tbc

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AS GOOD AS DEAD is a psychological thriller full of shocking twists starring Andie MacDowell and Cary Elwes. What begins as an average day for Ethan (Elwes) takes a dangerous turn when he’s abducted and held hostage in his New York apartment by three assailants.

The home invaders aren’t looking to rob him; instead they are looking to avenge the death of Reverend Kalahan, the right-wing cult leader whose brutal murder remains unsolved. On a mission of revenge, the assailants vow to make Ethan pay. There's one big problem, the more the kidnappers interrogate him, the more they doubt he is the killer.