Year: 2008
USA: Indican
Cast: Samaire Armstrong, Brad William Henke, Jon Gries, Oscar H Guerrero, Michael A Goorjian, David Fine, Spencer Park, Maggie Grant, Celik Kayalar, Rocky LaRochelle, Renee Sweet
Director: James Savoca
Country: USA
USA: 93 mins
USA Rated: Not Yet Rated
USA Release Date: 24 February 2012 (Limited Release)


Completely nominated by her father, Murray (Jon Gries), June ((Samaire Armstrong) still lives at home along with her mentally challenged Uncle Henry (Brad William Henke). June, now a young woman, lost her mother who died when she was a young girl, but her father has never come to terms with his wife’s death. The house is stuck in a time warp, as Murray won't allow anything to be moved or changed. Consequently life has ceased to exist and June has been suffering this burden unfairly.

Change though does arrive in the form of a young, poor Mexican immigrant Juan Diego (Oscar H Guerrero), who June falls for and finds the strength to break free of her father's iron grip on her life. Juan shows June a whole new vibrant life that until now she had only ever dreamt of.