Year: 2006
USA: Lionsgate Films
UK: Revolver Entertainment
Cast: Carlee Avers, Caia Colex, Brad Ashton, Erin Consalvi, Bren Fidler, Soren Bowie, Aretha Kutscher
Director: Andy Hurst
Country: USA
USA: 79 mins
UK: 76 mins
USA Rated: Rated R for strong horror violence/gore and language
UK Certificate: 18 Contains strong bloody violence
USA Release Date: 12 September 2006
UK DVD Release Date: 30 April 2007


The last game you'll ever play - the killer game show, where your life is the ultimate prize.

Six people wake up inside an old building, only to discover that they have been selected to participate in a reality-TV game show called Are You Scared, which they applied to several months ago.

The concept of the game is that everyone has to face their worst fear. But this contest has a twist - unless you're able to overcome your fear in a short period of time, you will die a horrible death.