Year: 2007
USA: First Look Pictures
Cast (voices of): C Martin Croker, Carey Means, Dana Snyder, Dave Willis, Andy Merrill, Mike Schatz, Matt Maiellaro, Fred Armisen, Bruce Campbell, George Lowe, Chris Ward, Chris Kattan, Neil Peart
Directors: Matt Maiellaro, Dave Willis
Country: USA
USA: 86 mins
USA Rated: R for crude and sexual humor, violent images and language
USA Release Date: 13 April 2007


AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE COLON MOVIE FILM FOR THEATERS is an action-adventure epic that tackles the mysterious circumstances that brought Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake together. An immortal piece of exercise equipment threatens the balance of galactic peace, and it is up to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force to run away from it. Complicating matters, the Plutonians team up with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past for ultimate control of the deadly device.

Spanning the globe, outer space and even time itself, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters was written and produced by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis. It is based on their successful Adult Swim series. Reprising their roles in the movie will be Willis (voice of Carl, Meatwad and Ignignokt) and Maiellaro (Err, Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past), Dana Snyder (Master Shake), Carey Means (Frylock), Andy Merrill and Mike Schatz (The Plutonians). Guest stars including Larry Blackmon and T-Man of platinum-selling funk band Cameo, Neil Peart of power trio Rush and Bruce Campbell.

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE is an original comedy series that is part of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network's top-rated late-night sister service which presents programming six nights per week for a total of 45 hours. AQUA TEEN HUNGER Force had its series premiere in September 2001, when Adult Swim launched. More than 60 episodes of the series have been completed. The latest season is currently airing through January 2007.