Year: 2003
USA: Paramount Classics
Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Jose Garcia, Sandrine Kiberlain, Marilyne Canto, Michele Moretti, Garence Clavel, Fabio Zenoni, Ange Ruze, Andree Tainsy, Jean-Luc Abel, Caroline Brunner, Eric Chevalier, Jocelyne Desverchere, Jean-Charles Dumay, Jean-Claude Lecas, Santha Leng, Didier Menin, Elise Otzenberger, Blandine Pelissier, Claude-Bernard Perot, Suzanne Sinnet
Director: Pierre Salvadori
Country: France
Language: French (English subtitles)
USA: 110 mins
USA Rated: R for language
USA Release Date: 3 June 2005 (Limited Release)


From director Pierre Salvadori (WILD TARGET) two of France's most celebrated actors, Daniel Auteuil (THE CLOSET, GIRL ON THE BRIDGE) and Jose Garcia (TROUBLE EVERYDAY, JET SET), team up in the romantic comedy APReS VOUS...

Antoine (Daniel Auteuil) likes to help everyone from his customers at Chez Jean, the brassiere where he works, to his incompetent fellow waiters. However while on route to his girlfriend Christine (Marilyne Canto) one night he rescues a man about to take his own life. Despite his well meaning intentions they backfire... And his life will never been the same.

The man whose life he saves - the despondent Louis (Jose Garcia) who can't face life without the love of his life Blanche (Sandrine Kiberlain) - turns his frustration and upset on Antoine. Antoine now feels guilty for having saved Louis and feels so responsible for the guy he gets him a job at his brassiere and even lets him stay in his home at the risk of losing his own girlfriend.

Playing cupid he decides to track down Louis' lost love Blanche, a florist who won't let Antoine near her unless he buys some blooms. As his house rapidly fills up with flowers, Christine begins to think a marriage proposal is in the air from her noncommittal Antoine. Little does she know that Antoine's infatuations are directed at another woman with Louis right behind him!