Year: 1999
USA: Regent Entertainment
Cast: Lynn Redgrave, James Earl Jones, Margot Kidder
Director: Charles Burnett
Country: USA
USA: 108 mins
USA Rated: R for some sexual content
USA Release Date: 2 November 2001 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


Everyone needs a focus in life; something that gives meaning and purpose to their existence. For Fish (James Earl Jones) what could be more useful than keeping the devil at bay from an unsuspecting world? The very proper, dignified and rather formal Jamaican man fearlessly wrestles an imaginary demon, ennobling himself through his fantasy.

For Poinsettia (Lynn Redgrave) finding the perfect lover would justify her life. The eccentric woman tries to maintain a touch of elegance, but her drinking gets in the way. Failing at love in the real world, she has created a "romance" with long-dead composer, Puccini.

Fish and Poinsettia are drawn together when they move to neighboring apartments in a building owned by the free-spirited Mrs Muldroone (Margot Kidder). Stumbling over the obstacles they've each created in their imaginary lives, this unlikely pair finds love and fulfillment in a reality that finally transcends their fantasies.