Year: 2004
USA: Sony Pictures / Screen Gems
UK: Columbia TriStar Films (UK)
Cast: Johnny Messner, KaDee Strickland, Matthew Marsden, Eugene Byrd, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Nicholas Gonzalez, Karl Yune, Morris Chestnut, Andy Anderson, Nicholas Hope, Peter Curtin, Denis Arndt, Khoa Do, Aireti, Andre Tandjung
Director: Dwight H Little
Country: USA
USA & UK: 97 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for action violence, scary images and some language
UK Certificate: 12A contains strong language and moderate horror
USA Release Date: 27 August 2004
UK Release Date: 12 November 2004


Even for those who make the jungle their home, no human or creature is safe from it. So for the visitors who wish to plunder this terrain's secrets, the consequences won't be pretty...

ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID is a horror-thriller set deep in a primitive Borneo jungle, where an extremely rare red orchid - the "blood orchid" - may hold the key to producing a youth-preserving serum. When a gung-ho group of scientists embark on a treacherous journey into the jungle to find the orchid - in the hopes that a fountain-of-youth discovery will make their careers and their corporate bosses a lot of money - they quickly realize that more than bad weather and heavy undergrowth separate them from their treasure.

Within the mysteries of the jungle lies a deadly predator that keeps the secret of the orchids safe and stops anyone who dares to enter its territory from leaving...

ANACONDAS: THE HUNT FOR THE BLOOD ORCHID is the follow-up to the 1997 box office-hit ANACONDA. The film was shot on location in Fiji and is directed by Dwight Little. The music is by Nerida Tyson-Chew.