Year: 1998
USA: World Wide Motion Pictures
Cast: Alana De Roma, Rachel Griffiths, Ben Mendelsohn, Nick Barker, Kerry Armstrong, Jeremy Trigatti, William Zappa, Torquil Neilson, Sullivan Stapleton, Mary Ward, Susie Porter, Frank Gallacher, Malcolm Kennard, Jan Friedl, Jeremy Kewley
Director: Nadia Tass
Country: Australia
USA: 104 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for some domestic violence, disturbing images and brief language
USA Release Date: 26 January 2001 (Limited Release)

Production Company


From the creators Nadia Tass and David Parker and the winner of 21 international film festival awards, AMY is the poignant drama of a young 8 year-old girl called Amy Enker. She is traumatised by the tragic death of her father - a member of a rock group, who was electrocuted while performing - and retreats into a world of silence. Ultimately through the efforts of her dedicated mother and a young drop-out musician, Robert Buchanan (Ben Mendelsohn), who lives next door, Amy breaks out of her self-imposed isolation by communicating through music - and transforming the lives of everyone around her.

Rachel Griffiths, the Academy Award-nominated star of Hilary and Jackie, portrays Tanya, Amy's mother, a single parent haunted by the loss of her husband and fiercely protective of her child, and the title role is played by the gifted Alana De Roma in her astonishing film debut. AMY also features rock musician Nick Barker is his first acting role as Amy's father Will Enker.