Year: 2010
USA: Variance Pictures
Cast: Joel Torre, Chris Cooper, Garret Dillahunt, Dane DeHaan, Ronnie Lazaro, Yul Vazquez, Bembol Roco, DJ Qualls, Lucas Neff, Bill Tangradi, James Parks, Stephen Taylor, Irma Adlawan, Pen Medina, Spanky Manikan, Brian Lee Franklin
Director: John Sayles
Country: USA
USA: 128 mins
USA Rated: R for some violence and language
USA Release Date: 19 August 2011 (Limited Release)


When US troops occupy his village, Mayor Rafael comes under pressure from a tough officer, Col. Hardacre (Chris Cooper) to help the Americans hunt down the Filipino guerrilla fighters. But Rafael’s brother, SImon (Ronnie Lazaro), is the leader of the local guerrillas, and regards everyone a traitor, if he finds out they’ve aided the Americans. Caught in the middle of this dangerous situation, Rafael is forced to make a deadly decision, one faced by ordinary civilians in an occupied country.

A powerful drama of friendship, betrayal, romance and heartbreaking violence, AMIGO dramatises the untold history of the Philippines, and a mirror of the are unresolved today.

From writer-director John Sayles, AMIGO stars legendary Filipino actor Joel Torre and Chris Cooper.