Year: 2004
USA: FilmMates
Cast: Dwire Brown, Andres Faucher, Marlene Forte, Corey Glover, Rainer Judd, Jennifer Rubin, Billy Wirth, Steven Gilborn, Georgia Simon, Rod Britt, Dan Gunther, Michael James Johnson
Directors: Mark Poggi, Leif Tilden
Country: USA
USA: 94 mins
USA Release Date: 14 May 2004


Within the vibrant and diverse tapestry of the small town of Ojai, California, AMERICAN REUNION spans the twenty-four hours before the 20th high school reunion of the class of 1981. Five friends, one younger brother and a mysterious photojournalist are brought together through the efforts of the town's high-spirited Latina mayor, Margaret, determined to reunite her old core group of high school friends and remember the "good times". Also, responsible for writing the reunion's opening speech, Margaret struggles with her words, believing it is about the trends, fads and cool fashions of 1981. But by the end of the twenty-four hours, she understands that it is not about memories or moments.

Captured like reality, and allowing the raw emotions of the characters to breathe, AMERICAN REUNION never attends the actual reunion. It rather focuses on the characters' personal reunions with the truths they are facing at this juncture in their lives: Patrick retiring from the Army because it didn't fit his lifestyle; Ty meeting the son he once fled from as an obstacle to his music career; Mindy signing divorce papers for the fifteen-year marriage she never thought would end; Brad, once the Golden Boy, finding peace in his occupation as a simple bus driver; JC., the coke head younger brother of deceased graduate Brian, now running the pizza place that was Brian's dream; Jeanie, the mystery graduate, revealing her secret to the group, coming to terms with who she was then and who she is now; and finally Mayor Margaret, always the overachiever as an ongoing effort to prove her self-worth.

Finding humor in the trials and tribulations of our life and the paths we choose, AMERICAN REUNION reminds us how life continues to repeat itself for the next generation, while leaving us with the understanding that sometimes you have to go back to find your future.