Year: 2006
USA: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
UK: Universal Pictures UK
Cast: John White, Steve Talley, Candace Kroslak, Jessie Schram, Jon Cor, Eugene Levy, Christopher McDonald, Alex Clarke, Erin Clarke, Devon Bostick, Jordan Madley, Melanie Merkosky, Alyssa Nicole Pallett, Mika Winkler, Jaclyn A Smith, Jordan Prentice, Jennifer Gouveia, Patricia Krasowski, Michael Angelone, Andrew Paradis, Bobby Corr, Correna St Pierre, Dwayne Edwards, Jake Siegel, Ross Thomas, Pete Zedlacher
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Country: USA
USA & UK: 97 mins
USA Rated: R for pervasive strong sexual content and crude humor, nudity, language, drinking and some drug use - all involving teens
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong language and moderate sex and sex references
USA DVD Release Date: 19 December 2006
UK DVD Release Date: 4 December 2006



Eric Stiffler (John White) is feeling the familiar burden of any teenager, all his mates have lost their virginity and he still has not done the deed. Despite practising on his own regularly, he has not yet tempted his high school sweetheart Tracy (Jessy Schram) to let the Stiffmeister do his thing!

Having recently suffered the indignity of being caught with his shorts round his ankles whilst enjoying some 'adult' entertainment and under the shadow of Stiffler's gone by, Eric is desperate to pop his cherry and live up to the family name.

Time is ticking and Eric cannot let himself be the first Stiffler to leave high school a virgin. Taking matters in to his own hands and having been granted a 'Guilt Free Pass' for the weekend, it's time for action, so he heads to his cousin's college with his school mates to hook up with an established sexual Stiffler, Adam (Steve Talley) to take part in the Naked Mile.

Steeped in college history, the Naked Mile sees students celebrate the end of exams by running through the college campus in nothing but their birthday suit. It's a haven of hot girls naked and primed for action. Eric meets Brandy (Candace Kroslak), a stunning sorority girl who falls for his naïve charms. But will Eric live up to the family name and do the deed?

During the struggle for sexual gratification, the boys encounter an aggressive group of dwarfs, dwarf love, the dangers of taking sexual performance enhancing drugs prior to running, masturbation wearing headphones, more masturbation, dangling heavy buckets of beer from your erect member, a dominatrix and the trouble that can be caused by taking a dump in a tumble dryer - it ticks all the boxes for a classic AMERICAN PIE instalment.

So does Eric maintain the Stiffmeister legacy? Does he bury the bone during the Naked Mile or does he graduate as the first Stiffler to remain a virgin and for his high school sweetheart to give it up and get it on?

This Xmas, don't get another pair of socks or jumper, it's time to get NAKED!!!! If you can get enough of that American Pie, you can gorge yourself on all five instalments in the AMERICAN PIE: All 5 Slices box set, also available from 4 December 2006 in the UK and 19 December in the USA.