Year: 2000
USA: Outrider Pictures
Cast: Traci Ann Wolfe, Randy Becker, Christopher De Leon, Paolo Montalban, Cherry Pie Picache, Sol Oca, Ricky Davao, Dina Bonnevie, Susan Valdez-LeGoff, Gloria Romero
Director: Laurice Guillen
Country: Philippines
USA Rated: R for sexuality and language
USA Release Date: 25 January 2002 (Limited Release - Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco)


Tere Sanchez (Cherry Pie Picache), in her forties and single, hosts a dinner in her Queens apartment for Lorna (Sol Oca), visiting from Manila. Invited are their New York City-based friends and former college classmates from the Philippines - Mike (Christopher De Leon), a newspaper editor still boyish in his forties, Gerry (Ricky Davao), a struggling advertising copywriter conflicted with his sexuality, and Marissa (Dina Bonnevie), an attractive but rather conceited socialite. Also expected is Marissa's charming, womanizing cousin, Raul (Paolo Montalban).

Raul arrives late for dinner with his latest sexy conquest, Denise (Traci Ann Wolfe), and during the course of the evening it becomes apparent there is unhappiness amongst the friends. Lorna confesses she'd readily give up her husband and bank-executive post in Manila just to be an illegal in America and take in its Broadway shows. Conversely, Mike admits to being unfulfilled with his job and his wife Gigi (Susan Valdez-LeGoff), and would rather return to the Philippines, if not for his kids. Tere yearns for just one intimate relationship, while Marissa wishes for a boyfriend more faithful than her current beau Sam (Randy Becker). The absence of recognition in Gerry's job leaves him frustrated, and everyone wonders when they will finally meet his 'girlfriend' Chris.

AMERICAN ADOBO follows the ups and downs of these friends over the course of a year and how their lives and relationships develop.