Year: 2004
USA: Karma Films
Cast: Eric Fleming, James Edson, Robert Culp, Shawnee Smith, Oliver Davis, Taejoon Lea, Lin Shaye, Susan Egan, Rob Moran, Peter Allas, Pietro Arpesalla
Director: Eric Fleming
Country: USA
USA: 97 mins
USA Rated: PG-13 for crude sexual references, language and thematic material
USA Release Date: 21 April 2006 (Limited Release - Los Angeles)


A down-on-his-luck rep man and his partner (now in his seventies) discover a famous baseball pitcher bound and gagged in the trunk of their latest vehicle repossession. However it comes to light that the baseball player organised his own kidnapping to pay off gambling debts as the World Series is only three days away.

On the run from double-crossing kidnappers-for-hire, the repo man and his son including his aging partner form an alliance with the pitcher to ransom the team and split the money.
If only they were good at it though...