Year: 1999
Cast: Joan Allen, Jeff Daniels, Robert Forster, Andre Braugher, Bokeem Woodbine, Anna Paquin, Wayne Morse, David Schwimmer, Josh Brolin, Gary Sinise, January Jones, Deborah Offner, Barb Wallace, Kevin Crowley, Robert Peters
Director: James D Stern
Country: USA
USA: 97 mins
USA Rated: R for violence and strong language
USA Release Date: 14 July 2000 (Limited Release - New York and Chicago)
USA Release Date: 7 July 2000 (Limited Release -Los Angeles)


Warren Harding (Jeff Daniels) shoots his gun at a burglar as his wife Helen (Joan Allen) who's been woken in the dead of night creeps downstairs to find her husband standing over a body. The body turns out to be that of his business partner. Detectives Tyler (Robert Forster) and Agee (Bokeem Woodbine) find it all hard to believe and distrust Warren's story which implicates his wife as being unfaithful. Warren's clever lawyer, Tim Sullivan (Andre Braugher) gets him off and he returns to his usual way of life but the detectives decide to take matters into their own hands.

Helen leaves her husband who threatens to find her but she retreats into her new job as a PA for wealthy businessman Norton Morgan (Gary Sinise). Tennel (Josh Brolin), Mr Morgan's former PA, wants to work in the film industry but ends up in a video store and meets Annabel Lee (Anna Paquin) a shoplifter he is attracted to. Her brother is into drugs plus shooting at the local gun club. Lawyer Tim becomes infatuated with Annabel, much to the annoyance of his lover Chris (David Schwimmer of Friends fame) who recently bought guns for Tim and himself for protection. This is a movie with an anti-gun undercurrent.