Year: 2007
USA & UK: Twentieth Century Fox
Cast: Reiko Aylesworth, Steven Pasquale, John Ortiz, Johnny Lewis, Ariel Gade, Kristen Hager, Sam Trammell, Robert Joy, David Paetkau, Tom Woodruff Jr, Ian Whyte, Chelah Horsdal, Meshach Peters, Michal Suchanek, David Hornsby, Chris William Martin, James Chutter, Phil Uhler, Kevin Haaland, Gina Holden, Kurt Max Runte, Liam James, Tim Henry, Tom McBeath, Ty Olsson, Anthony Harrison, Lloyd Berry, Rekha Sharma, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Victoria Bidewell, Dalias Blake, Timothy Paul Perez, Rainbow Sun Francks, Juan Riedinger, Val Cole, Andrew Hedge, Ryan Robbins, Curtis Caravaggio, Françoise Yip
Directors: Colin Strause, Greg Strause
Country: USA
USA: 86 mins
UK: 93 mins
USA Rated: R for violence, gore and language
UK Certificate: 15 contains strong gory violence and language
USA Release Date: 25 December 2007
UK Release Date: 18 January 2008


In this follow-up to the worldwide hit ALIEN VS PREDATOR, the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, wage war in an American Midwestern town - with the residents caught in the middle.